About Friendly Guides

Friendly Guides is one of Cornwall's preeminent independent publishers and a member of The British Cartographic Society.

Friendly Guides began in 1992 with a single hand-drawn black and white map of the Isles of Scilly. Once printed, we loaded as many as we could carry into a suitcase and boarded the Scillonian to make our first sales on St Mary's. Since that beginning a quarter of a century ago, we have sold over a quarter of a million maps and books.

Our aim is to make our maps and books full of character and flavour, just like the places they describe. We explain the forces that have shaped these very distinctive places, their history, geology and wildlife. We show you the well-known beauty spots and take you to the hidden corners that only the locals know about. All the while we aim to to be your companion as if you were exploring with a friendly local – which we are.

Neil Reid was born in Cornwall and lives in Penzance.