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Well worth it

Detailed and informative. Good maps of the areas and plenty of information.


Really good map - very clear and detailed. Excellent choice if you are planning on walking or cycling around the island.

Invaluable little book

An excellent little book, full of historical, geographical and local information. We’ve used it twice this week on our outings to west Cornwall and have found the walks are better for it.

South Cornwall - Falmouth and Roseland Guidebook

Speedy delivery
It’s a gift so cannot really comment yet but recommend this seller re delivery time and availability. Thank you 😊.


The Friendly Guides set the gold standard for guides to Cornwall and they are an outstandingly efficient publisher.

Scilly Guidebook and Pocket Maps

Hi, I would like to compliment your company for an excellent delivery service. The guide book and maps arrived just two days after I placed the order. I’m extremely pleased with the book and maps, very detailed and informative, and they are just what I’ve been looking for. I look forward to trying the suggested walks and boat trips when I visit the Islands in May.

Excellent book

Very informative and detailed book. Looking forward to using the book when I visit the Islands in May.

Great Scilly pocket maps!

I came across these quite by accident. They’re going to be so useful for our holiday! Much easier to find your way around than the 1:25,000. I thought from an earlier review that they might be a bit flimsy but I think they’re pretty robust. Very glad I got them: thanks!

Excellent guide

Can’t wait to use this on my next trip to Cornwall and in the meantime it’s lovely to dip into and plan new adventures. Lovely photos to enjoy too . Well laid out with excellent information . I have past and present versions of all these guides .

The best maps for Scilly

Friendly Guides are the absolute best maps for any visitor to the Isles of Scilly

West Cornwall - The Lizard Guidebook
Helen (Amazon review 10th November 2022)
One of the books in the best series currently in print.

All aspects of information seems to have been included: geology; flora&fauna; climate, history; parking; &things to do according to age group.The maps are very clear&with writing of a decent size.I highly recommend it.

West Cornwall - The Lizard Guidebook
Mollie James (Amazon review 26th July 2022)
A very good guide

Greatly enhanced our holiday

South Cornwall - The Helford Guidebook
Helen (Amazon review 10th November 2022)
A wonderful series of guides

Possibly the best series currently in print.The maps have legible writing,no microscope is necessary,& are easy to follow.All of the books in this series contain an absolute wealth of information&are a pleasure to read,&I hope that they will soon produce one for North Cornwall.I can't recommend it highly enough!

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
Dr. R. H. Webber (Amazon review 22nd September 2022)
Complete guidebook

This was the perfect guidebook with large-scale maps with every detail marked on and full description of all the islands.

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
Miss Lena Lenton (Amazon review 27th July 2022)
Great guide book!

Really helpful maps and information.

Isles of Scilly Guidebook
Mrs P Brooksbank (Amazon review 11th July 2022)
Thorough and Definitive

If you wan't a guide to tell you the best places to eat, what time the post office opens and which pub does the best pizza then this isn't it. If you want a guide to tell you about every feature, every historical remain and the geography of the islands this guide probably is. It even goes back to the time when the islands where mostly joined together. I have had guides before and have visited before but this book is easy to use and the perfect companion. I took this with me on every trip and I still had something to learn.

Great set of guides

This is a great little collection of guides in a perfect format to carry with you. Full of clear information, maps and suggestions to get the most out of a visit to these Isles. The discount for buying the set is a bonus.

Well Written With Lots of Information & Affection for the Area

Really pleased I went with an independent publisher and bought this book. It's really well put together with everything you need to know - history, sites, walks, entertainment, culture, nature, beaches, places to eat and a general feel for the place. The book is written by someone who seems to love the area and it's going to be so useful for our holiday. Thank you!

Excellent efficient service

Friendly Guides excel again.

Yet another excellent guide book about their own County from this Cornish-based publisher. Clear and concise this latest volume takes us around the Helford River in the publisher/author's own thorough style. However, the one thing that puts this series of books in a league above all others are the maps. As a cartographer by training I consider that these maps must be the Gold Standard for any guide book - anywhere. Also, Friendly Guide's excellent service must be commended. Order placed on Wednesday, arrived in the post on Saturday. Keep up the good work.

Highly recommend

I bought the Bryher guide and it is brilliant. It is so interesting and has been written with imagination and real observation for the small details which other guides I have read do not always give. The writer appears to really know the island and has managed to capture what lies beneath the surface. The imagery this gives makes it a fascinating read. It is also accurate - real thought has been given to this wonderful little booklet and the descriptions, beautiful photographs and maps really bring the island to life.
I already have the Friendly Guides map series and would not hesitate to get more of these Island by Island booklets as well.
Definitely some of the best Scilly guides around!

Wish there were more guides like this

I am a great fan of the Friendly guides. I have them all. They are not only very helpful when you are actually on holiday in Cornwall. They are interesting to read any time of the year - just for fun.

Helford guide

Another excellent book from Friendly guides, a really comprehensive guide to the River Helford area containing everything you need to know. These are by far the best guides to the West & South Cornwall areas that you can buy.

Top guide to the Helford estuary.

This is such a helpful guide book to a very beautiful area, particularly because it is not so accessible. Parking tips much appreciated and excellent advice regarding the recommended walks. I think one of the best in the Friendly Guide series!

Scilly Island by Island

A first class compilation with everything you need to know about spending time in the Isles of Scilly. A real bargain and an excellent service.