A New Website for Friendly Guides - Friendly Guides

A New Website for Friendly Guides

When we started Friendly Guides nearly 30 years ago, traditional village stores and local post offices were the mainstay of our business. However so many have closed now that it’s sometimes difficult to find more than a handful of potential outlets in any one area of Cornwall. Major retailers too have become harder to sell to as their ordering and buying operations have become centralised far from Cornwall. Fortunately, these changes have been offset by the rise of online sales and our website has become an increasingly important place to sell to both public and trade customers. The coronavirus lockdown has allowed us time to think more deeply about how we want to develop the website further and our aim is to channel more time and resources into making this the heart of the business. We’ve been working with Dewsign in Falmouth. The site is nearly finished and we would really welcome some feedback on what works and what could be improved, so please feel free to contact us.