Photography for the new Friendly Guides website - Friendly Guides

Photography for the new Friendly Guides website

We tend to use our own photographs for our books but for our new website we decided to commission work from a profession photographer. We looked around and really liked the work of Cornwall based photographer Ali Green ( It turned out to be a really interesting and enjoyable experience. You have to think hard about what message you are trying to get across and how that translates into the subject and style of the images. We worked up an A4 brief and Ali took that on and brought it to life. We were looking for images that placed the books in a real world context, the moment as you get ready to go out on a walk with assembled wellies, coats and maps. We particularly wanted to capture a Cornish flavour but with without going down the whole clotted cream and Poldark road. Ali did that with the colours of the coast and the moors, the gorse and the sky. It was a really enjoyable experience.